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  2. Unless I’m drunk, I usually do not like delving into my inner mechanisms and explaining how or why I feel a certain way, so please stop asking questions.


  3. loftylife:

    What do you say

    Is this the time

    For one more try

    At a happy life



  5. "Hello, darkness my old friend. I’ve come to talk to you again…"
    — Simon and Garfunkel
  6. Only You - Yazoo


  7. 5th Week 5Ks

    After seeing how all my weight loss has slowed down, I could tell that I was starting to plateau—the last thing I wanted. To challenge my body, I decided to run at least 5k everyday this week, and in total, I ran 20 miles. Not too shabby to say the least considering the other workouts I do plus the orgo test going on. So far I’ve lost 13-15lbs, but my ideal weight is 145. I’m currently at like 150-152, but as long as I go below 150 before homecoming, I think I’ll be content. I can finally say that the freshman 15…or well 30 for me is gone, and my body is more overall toned than it has ever been!


  8. The 2 Year Rule

    I can honestly say throughout my existence that I’ve lost some good friends for many reasons: pettiness, jealousy, love, and even just time. Sometimes there just isn’t a real reason why friendships just end. We all grow up, and then perchance, grow apart. I feel like you know when a friendship is on the decline, and sometimes, you want to change it…or even just let it take it’s course to it’s death. I’ve learned that after 2 years on the decline and minimal contact generally leads former friends to becoming acquaintances or even strangers. It’s rather sad when you think about it. I can name a list of people that this rule applied to. It’s even happening right now; I have the option of salvaging or letting it go—still deciding.