1. "You’ve got all the traits of a prince charming, and you’re so charismatic, everyone is secretly falling in love with you. Be careful not to follow people who are only trying to hurt you - let your heart lead the way instead"

  2. Actually on the verge of tears because of that hat. It means so much to me. It has been my lone companion that has supported me through the good and the bad during my 4 years of college. It’s painful to look at pictures because it is in more than half of them. Whoever stole it or is playing some trick on me…I hope karma gets you back. You could have stole anything else, but you stole something that I hold dear. This hat gave me courage to do things I would have never done. This hat has become a part of me. No new hat will replace that. I just really hope it turns up somewhere.

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  7. I can see the superficiality in people because the way I see the world is realistic…yet so bleak.


  8. Sometimes keeping up this facade of happiness is weary…and my true self comes out. My depression has its roots deeply wrapped around the inner mechanisms of my mind, and because of that, my heart takes a huge hit.

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