1. 2 Months Till Homecoming

    Today, my proclamation of my healthy eating/ fitness lifestyle begins. I have until homecoming to reach my ideal weight and finally get rid of these love handles. One cheat day per every 2 weeks. For once, I want to do this for me, and not for someone else. I’m already in a good place, but there’s always room for improvement. I gots this!


  2. I’m mad at you…and to be honest, I’m pretty sure you’re clueless as to why. Probably even think I’m being petty if I told you. But to me, this meant a lot, knowing I was always in your thoughts. That’s all I wanted, to be recognized as someone special, especially by someone i consider to be special to me.You were supposed to stand above the crowded sea, but you drowned in it, along with your hypocrisies and lies. I guess these words spoke for your actions. Maybe we do have different concourses ahead of us…


  4. "I stand in the twilight—between darkness and light. I understand things people don’t normally see."
    — Black Lagoon

  5. "Seeing others sad, makes me sad."

  6. The guy I like posted a picture with #NSA but I really wanted things to work…I want to go on a date :/


  7. I Wish…

    My plan to live in Richmond was viable, I just met the cutest guy…and he thinks I’m cute too :’(

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